Bulk Product Price List

$100 minimum purchase required to buy from bulk items list. Shipping cost is determined by carrier used, weight of order, and distance from shop. Shipping method is chosen by customer at the time order is placed. Processing time varies depending on order size, and other variables.

Items listed on form may not be available at time order is placed. First, items on form are requested, and then an invoice will be created and sent to your email address. Items are not placed on hold, and are subject to be sold before purchase is completed. If specific item is not available, customer will be notified and supplied with other options available. If item is purchased and it has gone out of stock, a refund for that item will be issued. 

Please note that special request for items not available on list is permitted if requested item is available in stock, or able to be secured. Types and amounts of natural minerals available changes often, and the current product list may not reflect changes at the time of order. Similar products will be recommended in the event that the listed product is no longer available.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!